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Lombok Hotels

Hotel NameLocationRatingRate from (USD)
Sahid Legi Hotel Lombok Central2$
Gili Air Hotel Lombok Gili Air3$
Desa Dunia Beda Lombok Gili Trawangan4$
Vila Almarik Lombok Gili Trawangan3$
Vila Ombak Hotel Lombok Gili Trawangan3$
Novotel Coralia Resort Lombok Kuta Putri Nyale Beach4$
The Oberoi Lombok Hotel Medana Beach5$
Jayakarta Beach Resort & Spa Lombok Meninting Beach4$
Intan Lombok Village Senggigi3$
Alang-Alang Boutique Beach Hotel Lombok Senggigi Beach4$
Puri Saron Hotel Lombok Senggigi Beach3$
Qunci Villas Lombok Senggigi Beach4$233.00
Senggigi Beach Hotel Lombok Senggigi Beach4$
Puri Mas Village & Beach Resort Lombok Senggigi Beach3$44.00
Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort Lombok Senggigi Beach5$

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