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Bay of Islands Hotels

Hotel NameLocationRatingRate from (NZD)
Carrington Resort Bay of Islands Karikari Peninsula5$275.00
Bridgewater Bay Apartments Paihia Paihia4$237.00
Averill Court Motel Paihia Paihia3$99.00
Bali Hai Motel Paihia Paihia4$
Blue Pacific Apartments Paihia Paihia3$180.00
Bounty Inn Paihia Paihia3$85.00
Copthorne Hotel and Resort Bay of Islands Paihia4$
Haruru Falls Resort Bay Of Islands Paihia3$128.00
Hotel Paihia Paihia3$128.00
Kingsgate Hotel Autolodge Paihia Paihia3$
Paihia Pacific Resort Hotel Bay of Islands Paihia3$
Scenic Circle Bay of Islands Hotel Paihia3$
Beachcomber Resort Bay of Islands Paihia3$
Bay of Islands Resort Paihia Paihia3$119.00
Haruru Falls Motor Inn Paihia Paihia3$99.00
Pipi Patch Lodge Paihia Paihia3$24.00
Waterfront Suites Paihia Paihia3$210.00
Duke of Marlborough Hotel Bay of Islands Russell3$
Ounuwhao Harding House Bay of Islands Russell3$
Russell Cottage Bay of Islands Russell3$180.00
Eagles Nest Bay of Islands Russell5$

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