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Queenstown Hotels

Hotel NameLocationRatingRate from (NZD)
Heritage Heights Apartments Queenstown Anderson Heights4$223.00
Millbrook Resort Queenstown Arrowtown5$
Coronet Alpine Hotel Queenstown Arthurs Point3$
Glebe Apartments Queenstown (The) Central Location4$204.00
Hurley's of Queenstown Central Location4$190.00
Scenic Circle A-Line Hotel Queenstown Central Location3$
Scenic Circle Aurum Hotel and Suites Queenstown Central Location4$
St James Apartments Queenstown Central Location3$200.00
Whistler The Chancellor Queenstown Central Location4$204.00
Coronation Lodge Queenstown Central Location4$162.00
Garden Court Suites and Apartments Queenstown Central Location4$169.00
Mountvista Boutique Hotel Queenstown Central Location5$
Comfort Inn Melbourne Motor Lodge Queenstown Central Location3$
Flag Inn Lomond Lodge Queenstown Central Location3$137.00
Stone House Bed & Breakfast Queenstown (The) Central Location3$282.00
Discovery Lodge Queenstown Central Location3$26.00
Outrigger At The Beacon Hotel Queenstown Central Location4$
Rydges Lakeland Resort Queenstown Central Location3$
Sofitel Hotel Queenstown Central Location5$
Blue Peaks Lodge and Apartments Queenstown Central Location3$133.00
Copthorne Resort Lakefront Queenstown Central Location4$
Grand Mercure Hotel St Moritz Queenstown Central Location4$
Millennium Hotel Queenstown Central Location4$
Novotel Gardens Hotel Queenstown Central Location4$
The Point Apartments Queenstown City4$219.00
Dairy Private Luxury Hotel Queenstown (The) City4$
Aspen On Queenstown Fernhill3$
Queenstown Lodge Fernhill3$99.00
Mercure Resort Queenstown Fernhill3$
Heritage Hotel Queenstown Fernhill4$
Kingsgate Hotel Terraces Queenstown Frankton Road3$
Remarkables Retreat Queenstown Frankton Road4$
Gold Ridge Hotel Queenstown Frankton Road3$
Villa Del Lago Queenstown Frankton Road5$260.00
Punatapu Lodge Queenstown Glenorchy Rd5$
Sherwood Manor Hotel Queenstown Goldfield Heights3$
Queenstown Gateway Apartments Main highway3$
Nugget Point Luxury Resort Queenstown Malaghans Road5$414.00

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