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St Arnaud Hotels

Hotel NameLocationRatingRate from (NZD)
Barcelona Motel Taupo Central Location3$117.00
Karaka Tree Motel Taupo Central Location4$133.00
Huka Lodge Taupo Huka Falls Rd5$
Lakeland Resort Taupo Lake Taupo3$
Quest Taupo Lake Terrace5$152.00
Waimahana Apartments Taupo Lake Terrace4$268.00
Flag Sails Motor Lodge Taupo Lake Terrace3$119.00
Caboose Lodge Taupo Lake Terrace3$99.00
The Cove Taupo Lake Terrace4$240.00
Millennium Hotel & Resort Manuels Taupo Lake Terrace4$
Terraces Resort Taupo Richmond4$
Courtney Motel Taupo Tui Street3$77.00
Wairakei Resort Taupo Wairakei4$
Point Villas Taupo (The) Whakamoenga Point5$910.00

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