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Costa Dorada Hotels

Hotel NameLocationRatingRate from (EUR)
Ramblas Miramar Hotel Calafell Calafell3$49.00
Canada Palace Hotel Calafell Calafell4$52.00
Augustus Hotel Cambrils Cambrils3$
Cambrils Playa Hotel Cambrils3$42.00
Cambrils Princess Hotel Cambrils4$30.00
Cesar Augustus Hotel Cambrils Cambrils3$
Maritim Princess Hotel Cambrils Cambrils3$30.00
Tryp Port Cambrils Hotel Cambrils4$
Mas d'en Gran Apartments Cambrils Cambrils3$
Hesperia Centurion Hotel Tarragona Cambrils4$
Casa Marti Hotel Coma-Ruga Coma Ruga3$35.00
Marvel Coma-Ruga Hotel Coma Ruga4$52.00
Gran Hotel Europe Coma-Ruga Coma Ruga4$35.00
Coma-Ruga Platja Hotel Coma Ruga3$21.00
Ermita Hotel Coma-Ruga Coma Ruga2$40.00
Europe San Salvador Hotel Coma-Ruga Coma Ruga3$21.00
Ramblas Hotel Vendrell El Vendrell4$
Ra Hotel Vendrell El Vendrell5$171.00
Cap Roig Resort Hotel L'Ampolla L'Ampolla3$37.00
Estival Park Hotel La Pineda La Pineda4$
Golden Donaire Park Hotel La Pineda La Pineda3$31.00
Gran Hotel La Hacienda La Pineda La Pineda4$41.00
Palas Pineda Hotel La Pineda La Pineda4$40.00
Almonsa Platja Apartment Salou Salou2$40.00
Belvedere Hotel Salou Salou3$35.00
Cala Font Hotel Salou Salou3$29.00
California Palace Hotel Salou Salou4$39.00
Caspel Hotel Salou Salou3$
Club Cap Salou Hotel Salou3$37.00
Da Vinci Royal Aparthotel Salou Salou3$50.00
Golden Playa Park Hotel Salou Salou3$
Golden Port Hotel Salou Salou3$34.00
H10 Europa Park Hotel Salou Salou3$35.00
H10 Salou Princess Hotel Salou3$39.00
Las Vegas Hotel Salou Salou3$40.00
Los Molinos Park Hotel Salou Salou3$48.00
Marinada Hotel Salou Salou3$
Michelangelo Hotel Salou Salou3$50.00
Negresco Princess Hotel Salou Salou3$29.00
Occidental Allegro Blau Mar Hotel Tarragona Salou3$79.00
Olympus Palace Hotel Salou Salou3$41.00
President Hotel Salou Salou3$43.00
Punta Dorada Princess Hotel Salou Salou4$31.00
Salou Park Hotel Salou4$38.00
San Diego Hotel Salou Salou3$37.00
San Francisco Hotel Salou Salou3$30.00
Santa Monica Hotel Salou Salou3$43.00
Sol Costa Dorada Hotel Salou Salou4$
Sol D'Or Hotel Salou Salou3$38.00
Sol Piramide Salou Hotel Salou4$
Venecia Park Hotel Salou Salou3$42.00
Villa Romana Hotel Salou Salou4$39.00
H10 Playa Margarita Hotel Salou Salou3$35.00
Los Angeles Hotel Salou Salou3$36.00
Magnolia Hotel Salou Salou4$
Calypso Hotel Salou Salou3$
Caribe Resort Hotel Salou Salou4$98.00
Eurosalou Hotel Salou Salou3$
H10 Salauris Palace Hotel Salou Salou4$42.00
Jaime I Hotel Salou Salou3$33.00
Mediterraneo Hotel Salou Salou3$39.00
Oasis Park Hotel Salou Salou3$39.00
Regente Aragon Hotel Salou Salou4$57.00
Regina Gran Hotel Salou Salou4$35.00
AH Atenea Aventura Hotel Vilaseca Vila-seca4$

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